Microsoft Sculpt Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Review

Microsoft Sculpt Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Review

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When shopping for the best wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you will be spoilt for choice given the myriad of options available. But the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and mouse combo is clearly a winner in its segment for several reasons.

It gives you the freedom to work wirelessly, and is compatible with most versions of Windows including Windows 10 and Windows RT 8. Unlike other wireless peripherals in this segment, the Microsoft Sculpt is in essence a three-piece combo set, because it includes a keyboard, a mouse, and a separate number pad, all connected via advanced encryption to protect them from being hacked.

Microsoft Sculpt Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Review

The Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and mouse combo features a compact and sleek design, making it a great choice for both home and office environments. The keyboard measures 15.4 inches, the mouse measures 3.87 inches, and the number pad comes in at 5.21 inches.

In terms of comfort, the keyboard is equipped with a cushioned palm rest, which allows to work comfortably even across longer periods, and promotes a neutral wrist position. Further, it features a split keyset design that helps position your forearms and wrists in a natural, relaxed position.

The separate number pad included in this Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo provides greater flexibility when setting up your workspace, and is designed to enhance productivity. The Sculpt ergonomic mouse showcases an advanced design that encourages a more natural hand, wrist and forearm posture to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

Who is this product for?

The Microsoft Sculpt Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo is designed for anyone looking to enjoy wireless yet highly encrypted access to their PC. The keyboard boasts a natural ergonomic arc layout, which follows the curves of your fingertips resulting in a more natural way of typing.

Adding to this, the keyboard features a reverse tilt design, which helps to position it at the correct angle for a more stable, straight and neutral wrist position. The mouse offers optimal wrist comfort as well, and features Microsoft’s exclusive BlueTrack technology to provide you with precise control on virtually any surface.

Some RF technology wireless computer peripherals are prone to hacking, but this is an important area where the Microsoft Sculpt devices take home the gold thanks advanced encryption (AES) technology. Adding to this, the keyboard and mouse combo are easy to use, making them an unrivalled choice for both novice and seasoned home and office users.

What’s included?

The package of the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse combo comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box. This includes a keyboard, mouse, number pad, riser that fits underneath the keyboard, batteries, and a detailed user guide.

Overview of features

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard comes with the right features to provide you with a comfortable and top-notch user experience. Some of its key features include:

Cushioned palm rest – The keyboard is appointed with a cushioned palm rest that is designed to provide you with enhanced support as well as encourage a neutral wrist position.

Compact and sleek footprint – Keyboard measures 15.4 inches, mouse at 3.87 inches and number pad at 5.21 inches, making it a great fit for most workspaces.

Compatibility – All three devices included in this combo work harmoniously with several versions of Windows including Windows 10, both 32 and 64 bit, Windows RT 8.1, and Windows RT 8. It also works with some (limited functionality) Mac OS X and Android operating systems including Mac OS 10.10 and Android 5.0.

Keyboard design – The domed and split keyset keyboard design includes a natural arc layout to mimic the shape of your fingertips and allows you to work in a more relaxed position.

Mouse design – The mouse features a unique shape to maximize wrist comfort. It is even equipped with a dedicated Windows button for one-touch access to the start menu. Adding to this, it is fitted with a 4-way scroll wheel for better navigation in any direction – up, down, left and right.

Number pad design – The number pad is a handy addition to this set given that it can be put aside when not in use.

Encryption – The Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard and mouse combo by Microsoft features class leading AES 128-bit encryption, which protects your keystrokes from potential interlopers. The keyboard comes permanently paired with this technology from the factory, so no information is ever shared over the air.

Battery life – The devices in this set offer up to 36 months of battery life, which is significantly higher than its competition.

Warranty – To top things off, the product is backed by an impressive 3-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.


The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse combo features an ergonomic design, but comes with a separate number pad for a more efficient workspace setup.

However, if you’re look for almost the same level of comfort, but with an integrated number pad, the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 is perhaps an ideal choice. It features a comfortable, curved, ambidextrous design to use with either hand, (AES) 128-Bit Encryption, customizable shortcut keys, onsite palm rest and is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OSX v10.4 – 10.7.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that allows you to work comfortably and securely, and rings in with several bells and whistles for excellent performance such as a cushioned palm rest and dedicated Windows button on mouse, you really can’t go wrong with the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse combo.

It features high-end AES encryption and BlueTrack technology, giving you the freedom to work securely on virtually any surface. The package includes the batteries required for the devices, which last for approximately 3 years, so you won’t find yourself changing batteries very often.

To seal the deal, it is powered by Bluetooth technology so you don’t have to sacrifice one of your USB ports for a receiver, and is backed by an unmatched 3-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.


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