Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse of 2018

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse of 2018: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Tech work has been going wireless for quite some time now. We’ve started saying goodbye to cables and replacing them with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

There’s a high chance you already have at least one wireless device, whether it’s your charger headphones or any other piece of equipment. You probably wouldn’t go back to cables, would you?

Wireless PC peripherals are very popular today, so if you’re looking to jump on board this trend, this guide will help you choose the perfect devices for you.

Here are some of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos.

Comparison Chart

VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Mpow Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

iClever GK03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Jelly Comb Compact Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Reviews

1. VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

VicTsing brings us a very well-designed keyboard that will meet virtually everyone’s needs. It’s versatile, well-built, and packed with features that will make using your PC much more comfortable. As an added bonus, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Feature Highlights

The first thing you might like when you take a look at this keyboard is its design. It’s modern and sleek but also very functional. The keyboard has 104 keys, 12 of which are multi-functional. There’s also a palm rest, a very nice touch that will help you work longer without feeling uncomfortable.

As for the mouse, its symmetrical design gives it a powerful look while the skin-like material on top of it allows for a very comfortable use. You can adjust the DPI at 800/1200/1600 and use it within a wireless range of up to 33 feet.

What's to like about the VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

What makes this one of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos is a variety of features paired with affordability. This combo is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, and you can use it for up to 12 months without changing the batteries, thanks to the energy-saving mode. The ergonomic design of both devices is also a big advantage, and so is the wide range of coverage.

What's not to like about the VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The first thing that’s lacking here are the batteries, which are not included. Many manufacturers include batteries in the package, so this is pretty inconvenient. Also, the multifunctional keys don’t work on the Mac OS.

Lastly, the thickness of this keyboard is something that not everyone will like. At 1.8mm, it’s certainly not the slimmest out there.


  • check
    Palm rest
  • check
    Energy conservation
  • check
    Responsive keys


  • No full support for Mac OS
  • Batteries not included
  • A bit too thick to be advertised as ultra-slim

2. Mpow Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

This is another combo on the affordable side of the price spectrum. Despite this, it offers some features that you can see in more expensive solutions. Sure, it does suffer from a couple of small drawbacks, but it still deserves to be on our list of best wireless keyboard and mouse combos.

Feature Overview

The first noticeable thing about the keyboard is its small footprint. It measures at 11.7 x 3.06 inches, which is a great size if you want to declutter your desk a bit. At 0.88 inches, it might not be as thin as some of our other options, but it’s still slim enough to provide a sleek look and a good feel.

It’s powered by one AAA battery, which you won’t have to change for up to a year. Similar to our previous choice, there are 12 multimedia keys, which unfortunately work only on Windows.

The mouse features a brushed finish similar to that of the keyboard, which gives it a simple but powerful look. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries with the standby time of 18 months.

What's to like about the Mpow Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

When it comes to the keyboard, the first good thing worth mentioning is that it’s splash-resistant. This is something that you generally don’t see in wireless keyboards in this price range, so it’s definitely one of its strongest features. The chiclet keycaps are very responsive, so you shouldn’t face any delay while using the keyboard.

The best thing about the mouse is that it’s completely mute. It doesn’t make any noise, allowing for maximum focus even in the quiet of the night. Also, you can adjust the DPI to 800/1200/1600.

What's not to like about the Mpow Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The thing that might annoy you the most about this keyboard is that it’s not quiet. Despite the slim design of the caps, it can be noisier than you’d expect it to be. This is something that many other options out there don’t suffer from, so it’s quite a drawback. Unfortunately, this is another combo that will require you to buy the batteries separately.

Lastly, some users have experienced the mouse lagging at times, which can get quite frustrating.


  • check
    Splash-resistant keyboard
  • check
    Long battery life, especially for the mouse
  • check
    Silent mouse


  • Keyboard isn’t silent
  • No batteries included
  • Occasional mouse lag

3. iClever GK03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

If you care about aesthetics and are willing to spend a bit more, this might be the best wireless keyboard and mouse for you. For a slightly higher price than our other picks, you can get a stylish keyboard packed with features that will make working on your PC a lot more enjoyable.

Feature Highlights

Out of all products on our list of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos, this one features the best design. It’s very minimalistic and modern, so it will accompany any modern home or office space. The build quality matches the design, so durability won’t be an issue.

The interior scissor design of the keyboard ensures that the keys are very quiet, so there will be no interruption while you’re working. They’re also very slim, which makes them highly responsive and comfortable to press.

As for the connection, it’s the standard 2.4G wireless one and features a very generous range of 33 feet. Both devices connect using one Nano-receiver and can be paired with your PC in no time.

What's to like about the iClever GK03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Obviously, the most attractive feature of this combo is on the surface. Both devices look very elegant and modern and are comfortable to use. Another thing you’ll probably love about the keyboard is the rechargeable Li-ion battery. After two hours of charging, you can use the keyboard for up to 90 hours. As for the mouse, it’s powered by two AAA batteries, which come in the package.

Thanks to being about 2/3 of the size of a regular keyboard, this one is highly portable. When you pair this with the wide range of coverage, you can see why this combo deserves to be on our list.

What's not to like about the iClever GK03 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

However amazing this keyboard and mouse pair is, it does have a couple of shortcomings. The first one is the lack of support for any other OS than Windows and Ubuntu. Unfortunately, Mac OS users won’t be able to try these devices out. Also, the control keys have a bit of an awkward position, so it might take some time to get used to them.


  • check
    Great design
  • check
    Wide range of wireless coverage
  • check
    Small footprint


  • No support for all OS’
  • Unusual key placement

4. Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse

Everyone looking for a heavy-duty keyboard and mouse will find this combo very appealing. Even though it may not the most stylish, it’s by far one of the most capable on our list. Whether you need it for home use, work, or gaming, it might be one of the best choices.

Feature Overview

One of the most notable features of the keyboard is Logitech’s Constant Curve layout. It ensures that there’s virtually no stress on your hands and that long hours of typing won’t be tiresome. This is made even better by the palm rest and the three options for adjusting the keyboard height. All of this ensures maximum comfort while typing, and it’s safe to say that this is the best keyboard on our list when it comes to ergonomic design.

The MK510 precision-laser mouse accompanies the keyboard perfectly in both design and power. The curved structure allows it to fit comfortably in your palm, and the responsiveness of the mouse is astounding.

Both devices are powered by two AA batteries, and the battery life is superior to all other devices on our list. The keyboard can go for up to three years without battery replacement, while the mouse can go for two.

What's to like about the Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse

The thing that makes this one of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos out there is the comfort it provides. There are very few devices that can match the ergonomic design of this keyboard. Another great thing about it is the set of dedicated multimedia and multifunctional buttons.

A thing that we haven’t seen so far, and that is one of the biggest strengths of this combo, is the 128-bit AES-grade encryption which protects your keystrokes from prying eyes. This is something that everyone using a wireless keyboard can benefit from if they care about security.

The contoured laser mouse ensures great precision and can work on a variety of surfaces on which other solutions can’t. The rubber side grips add to the comfort and make the mouse much more enjoyable to use.

What's not to like about the Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse

Despite its numerous features, this combo does disappoint in some areas. First of all, it was made specifically for Windows-based PCs. This isn’t something you’d expect from a keyboard as capable as this one, so it’s a pretty big drawback.

It’s also not affordable for everyone. This is a mid-range set, which means that it comes at a price for which you could buy two entry-level keyboard and mouse combos. Still, this is the price you pay for quality, and there’s no doubt that the pros outweigh the cons.


  • check
    Superior ergonomic design
  • check
    Very long battery life
  • check
    Wide range of useful keys


  • Windows-centric
  • A bit expensive

5. Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

This is another combo that primarily focuses on a sleek design and compactness. It’s far from being the most powerful keyboard on our list, but it’s still good enough for an average user, as it comes with a set of handy features.

Feature Overview

The first thing you’ll notice when you see the keyboard is the minimalistic design. The simple rectangle shape with round edges really makes the keyboard look modern and clean. The small footprint ensures that it takes very little space on your desk, and the thinness adds a lot to the minimalistic look. Its compactness makes it great for traveling, as you can easily carry it around wherever you go.

The keys feature a high-end scissor system that ensures that the keyboard makes virtually no noise. The response is also great, which can make you a lot more productive.

The mouse follows the keyboard’s design and has a very smooth surface that makes it comfortable to use. The movement is very accurate, and the mouse works on just about any surface.

What's to like about the Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

A great thing about this keyboard is its simplicity. The keys are very neatly placed to ensure that you can use the keyboard at lightning speed. It also comes with a silicone keyboard cover, which protects it from dust, spills, and key wear.

The biggest upside of the mouse is the optical tracking technology, which makes it much faster and accurate than the standard optical mice. Also, it produces very little noise. There are three DPI levels, so you can adjust the sensitivity to your needs.

What's not to like about the Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Although the design looks good, it sacrifices some important features. This isn’t a full-sized keyboard, and there are no separate numerical keys. Also, the combo doesn’t offer support for Mac OS, which means that many users won’t be able to make them a part of their setup.

Another possible drawback is the durability. It was tested at 3 million strikes, which isn’t a lot compared to other devices on our list.


  • check
    Sleek design
  • check
    High build quality
  • check
    Silicone keyboard cover included


  • Lack of a dedicated numerical keyboard
  • No support for Mac OS
  • Potential durability issues

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen our top picks for the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo, it’s time to learn everything you should know about finding the perfect one for you. Let’s go over some of the main features that you need to take into account.

Key Type

The key switch mechanism of the keyboard is among the most important features to look into. It determines the responsiveness of your keyboard, as well as the noise it makes.

The most common mechanism is the rubber dome switch. Most keyboards, including laptop and Logitech keyboards, use this mechanism. However, this is not the type you should go for if you want smooth typing, as it can make quite some annoying noises.

Scissor-switch, on the other hand, is a much better option. Some of the keyboards you saw here feature it, and it makes the least noise while ensuring comfortable use.

There are other mechanisms out there, such as the buckling-spring switch, but they’re outdated, so you won’t be seeing much of them.

Mouse DPI

DPI stands for dot per inch. It determines the level of your mouse’s sensitivity. If the DPI is high, moving your mouse just a little will make it fly across the screen.

All of our choices have adjustable DPI. This is important because certain activities require different DPI values. With all mice in our selection, you can change between 800/1200/1600 DPI, which is enough to cover many different uses.

Media Buttons

Depending on the layout, media buttons can be placed in different positions. On most keyboards, they’re integrated into the F keys at the top of your keyboard. Some keyboards, such as the Logitech MK550 you saw here, have dedicated media buttons.

Pay close attention to this feature if you’re using an OS other than Windows, as media buttons might not work on every platform.

Wrist Rest

This feature is of special importance to people working long hours in front of their PC, as well as gamers. Putting a lot of stress on your wrists and palms can make using your keyboard frustrating and painful.

This is why some keyboards, such as the VicTsing keyboard you saw here, incorporate a wrist rest. While wrist rests can be made out of all sorts of materials, the cushioned ones seem to be the best option.

Shape and Design

To find the best wireless keyboard and mouse, there are two other things you need to take into account. The first relates to the comfort that the design ensures while the second to the style, and their interplay is important.

The solutions from iClever and Logitech are the best examples. While the iClever keyboard looks very sleek and stylish, it might not be the most comfortable. Logitech’s option, on the other hand, isn’t exactly the most eye-pleasing but ensures premium comfort.

The same goes for the mice. You’ll want to find the one that perfectly fits into your palm, and that feels smooth when used. Take both of these aspects into account while looking for the best wireless keyboard and mouse for you.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse FAQ

How to connect wireless mouse and keyboard

All of the options you saw above have the same pairing mechanism. They feature a Nano-receiver that connects both the keyboard and the mouse to your device. Generally, the pairing process looks like this:

  1. Find the Nano-receiver and plug it into the USB port of your device.
  2. Pace the batteries into the keyboard and mouse (if needed).
  3. Turn the devices on.

After you do this, your keyboard and mouse should pair with your device automatically.

What would cause my wireless mouse and keyboard to stop functioning?

There are multiple reasons why this might happen. The most common one is that the battery is dead. Simply replace the batteries, and your devices should start working normally.

If the new batteries don’t solve the problem, there might be something wrong with the devices themselves, in which case you should contact customer support.

Another thing that can happen is that your devices aren’t compatible with your platform. Before you decide to buy the keyboard and mouse, make sure that there’s support for your OS.

What to do when wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard don’t work even when they are plugged in

Depending on the model, there are a couple of solutions to this issue. The first one you’ll want to try is unplugging the receiver and waiting for a couple of moments. Then, try plugging it into another USB port. This should fix the issue most of the time.

If this doesn’t help, check the connection of your devices. Sometimes, other electrical devices might interfere with the connection, so try keeping them at least 8 inches away from the receiver.

For some models, installing the Logitech Unifying software and using it to troubleshoot these issues might help. When all else fails, you can contact Logitech customer support.

Is there a wireless mouse and keyboard for desktop computers?

All of the products you saw here are suitable for desktop computers. The only thing you need to consider is whether your computer’s operating system supports the keyboard and mouse combo you want to buy. If you use Windows, you generally won’t run into any compatibility issues.

Is the wireless keyboard and mouse good for gaming?

It depends. Not every wireless keyboard and mouse will be powerful enough for gaming. If you’re a hardcore gamer, the main things to look for in the best wireless keyboard and mouse are an ergonomic design, network coverage, and keyboard layout. You’ll also want to make sure that your mouse’s DPI is suitable for gaming.


We hope you found this guide helpful and that you now have all the knowledge you need to make an informed purchase. As you can see, there are many factors to take into account, so finding the best wireless keyboard and mouse might take some research.

If you’ve found some of the combos you saw here interesting, don’t hesitate to take a better look at them. They’re all great in their own way and deserve to be your next wireless keyboard and mouse.

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